At Lionheart Cannabis you can get personalized recommendations

From product type (concentrates, edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, topicals) to THC and CBD strength (high to low), the cannabis choices can seem mind-boggling. Not to mention there are more than 400 cannabis strains to select from at a variety of price points — indica (for relaxation), sativa (for energy) or hybrids (a mix) — and the decision-making process can become even more daunting.

Chris Fanuzzi, owner of Lionheart Cannabis, a Montana leading medical and recreational cannabis provider, says finding the perfect cannabis product can seem overwhelming even to the most experienced user or medical-card-carrying patient. Having spent the last 15 years working with growers to cultivate hundreds of original strains, he understands the slight nuances of every strain and is in a constant quest to fine-tune those even further. Both he and his budtenders — yes, that is a job — excel at deciphering a customer’s needs and ensuring their experience at Lionheart compares to no other.

Founded in 2007, Lionheart is renowned for its focus on quality, top-of-the-line products, service consistency, compassionate patient care and client education.

While medicinal cannabis use has been legal in Montana since 2004, legalization for recreational use just became law in January. Fanuzzi has a few tips for regular and first-time recreational users.

Tell the budtender what you want to experience

“A good budtender will want to know why you are there,” Fanuzzi said. “What experience are you looking for? Whether searching for that perfect blend or strain for sleep, energy, motivation or pain relief, it helps to describe in detail the experience you want with the cannabis.”

The more information a client provides, the better. For example, in trying to select the right strain in any situation, budtenders may ask about a client’s hydration levels, sleep patterns and eating schedule to determine a good product fit. Staff will also educate clients on the various products including gummies, concentrates, tinctures, seasonal edibles and oils, as well as how to use a vape pen, pre-rolls and other paraphernalia. Budtenders will even allow individuals to smell the products to help them ensure their purchase decision is the right one for them.

Share pre-existing medical conditions

If a client has a pre-existing medical condition and is there for recreational use, it’s important to inform the budtender, Fanuzzi said, as some strains may exaggerate existing conditions like anxiety and asthma. In these instances, clients might be encouraged to use tinctures (dropperfuls) or concentrates as opposed to pre-rolls or vape pens. For clients with a medical cannabis card, Lionheart will help the patient find the right combination of products.

Ask questions

Even if it’s not a client’s first time as a recreational user, Fanuzzi encourages people to do their homework and read up on the different strains and methods of intake. Making a list of questions before visiting the dispensary helps make the buying process easier for both the client and the budtender.

“Every question has merit,” Fanuzzi said. “The more questions you ask, the better idea the budtender has of what will work for you. At Lionheart, we care about our customers’ experience and want to ensure they are receiving the quality cannabis they are looking for when they walk out the door.”