Lionheart Cannabis — where care and compassion are the focus


It’s all in a name. At Lionheart Cannabis, quality, top-of-the-line cannabis products, compassionate patient care and educational awareness among clients have been the focus since day one.

“The word ‘heart’ pays homage to the passion and love for the plant and acknowledgment for the compassion we have for the medical patients, respectively,” said Chris Fanuzzi, founder and owner of Lionheart. “We are providing them with safe, quality products and services that maybe they never had access to before. We can’t give medical advice, but for clients with a medical cannabis card, our staff will answer questions from the doctor and patient to assist them in finding the right combination of products for that individual.”

Lionheart’s high standard for quality care also extends throughout the community.

“Since our inception in 2007, our overall mission here is about the positive well-being of our Montana communities, and by that I mean it’s more than developing quality products, but also providing jobs for area residents, supporting local charities and immersing ourselves in ongoing community outreach at all levels throughout the state. We are all responsible for each other’s safety and well-being.”

To that end, the company invests heavily in various causes and supports charity events annually. And for Fanuzzi, that includes supporting individuals suffering from debilitating medical conditions. In fact, now through June 31, 2022, Lionheart will donate 5% of all cannabis gummy sales to benefit Autistalline, a nonprofit organization currently in the midst of a $500,000 fundraising campaign.

Lisa Clifford, executive director of Autistalline, said money raised will go toward her organization’s efforts to develop and produce sensory overload glasses for individuals on the autism spectrum. Clifford said the glasses will help block different light frequencies entering the eye, eliminating the sensory overload of sights and sounds that can be overwhelming to individuals on the autism spectrum. The organization plans to distribute the sensory overload glasses free of charge.

“The pandemic has added unwanted stress and anxiety to these individuals,” explained Clifford. “Anytime their day to day is disrupted, it results in a sensory overload and they are unable to perform many of the tasks they would normally do.” 

For Fanuzzi, to help in any way is essential.

“In addition to autism, we have a lot of patients come through our doors who are experiencing conditions ranging from epilepsy and cancer to glaucoma and neuropathy,” he said. “Anything we can do to raise awareness about any of these debilitating conditions will, hopefully, help lead to more acceptance and less misunderstanding.

“We serve and support individuals from every demographic, from millennials to seniors, who represent all socioeconomic backgrounds,” he said, “and because of that we continue to see the positive economic and health benefits of this industry on our communities as it continues to grow both in Montana and nationwide.”

Fanuzzi said that while medicinal cannabis use has been legal in Montana since 2004 and recreational adult-use since 2020, residents in Yellowstone County will head to the ballot box on June 7 to vote on whether recreational cannabis sales can remain in their community.

“Our team cares about the measures we have in place to ensure we are providing individuals a safe industry, with safe products, dispensed in a safe manner,” Fanuzzi said. “Together we can create a more loving, caring and accepting community through all of our actions.”